Basics of Buzzbait Fishing

Buzzbaits are a popular lure among anglers, and they can be incredibly effective when used correctly. If you’re looking to increase your chances of reeling in a big one, learning how to fish with a buzz bait is essential.

Let’s look at the basics of buzz bait fishing.

How to Fish a Buzzbait

First off, it’s important to understand what a buzz bait is and how it works. A buzz bait is essentially an artificial lure that mimics the motion and sound of prey fish, such as minnows or shiners.

It consists of a hook with a rubber skirt attached to it and is usually rigged with stainless steel blades or propellers that create noise and movement when it’s reeled through the water. This attracts predators like bass, pike, muskies, and others.

When fishing with a buzz bait, you should try to cast near shallow cover such as weed beds, lily pads, docks, logs, rocks, etc., where predators may be lurking.

After making your cast, reel the bait slowly while allowing the blades on the lure to create some noise by bouncing off the structure in the water or by simply letting it float in place for several seconds before retrieving it again.

You should also pay attention to any strikes or bumps on your line—these can indicate that there are predators nearby who are interested in your bait.

When fishing with a buzz bait you may want to experiment with different retrieval speeds depending on what type of predator you’re targeting—faster retrieves work well for bass while slower retrieves work better for pike and muskies.

You may also want to try adding scent attractants like garlic powder or catfish dip baits which can help draw in predators from farther away.

Additionally, it helps if you use high-quality hooks as they will stay sharper longer and be less likely to bend out during hard strikes from large predators like bass or pike.


Buzzbaits are an excellent way for anglers of all skill levels to catch larger predators like bass and pike in shallow waters.

With some practice and experimenting with different techniques and lures you can become an expert at fishing with a buzz bait in no time!

Be sure to pay attention to strikes on your line—they could mean that there’s a hungry predator nearby just waiting for the perfect opportunity to take your bait! Good luck out there!

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