How Much is a Fishing License in California

Fishing is a popular recreational activity in California, and if you want to participate, it’s important that you understand the regulations around obtaining a fishing license.

In this blog post, we’ll be covering the cost of a fishing license in California, who needs one, and how to get one. Read on for more information!

Cost of a Fishing License in California

The cost of a fishing license varies depending on your age and the type of license you are looking for. The state offers two types of licenses—an annual license and a short-term license—and they can range from $15-$139.

Annual licenses typically last between 1-2 years and can be purchased online or at any local tackle shop or sporting goods store.

Short-term licenses are valid for up to 10 days and can only be purchased online through the Department of Fish & Game website.

Who Needs a Fishing License?

If you plan on catching or possessing fish, amphibians, reptiles, mollusks (e.g., clams) or crustaceans (e.g., crabs) within California waters, then you must have a valid fishing license issued by the state. This includes privately owned waters such as lakes and ponds.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule: people under 16 do not need to obtain a fishing license; people with disabilities may qualify for reduced fees; Native Americans may fish without obtaining either an annual or short-term license; and certain veterans may also qualify for discounted fees.

How to Get a Fishing License

The process for getting a fishing license is relatively straightforward: just head over to the Department of Fish & Game website and fill out the required information (name, address, etc.).

Once that’s done, select “Purchase License” from the main menu and follow the instructions provided onscreen. You should receive your fishing license via email shortly after completing your purchase.


Whether you’re an avid angler or just looking to take up fishing as a hobby, understanding the regulations around obtaining a fishing license is essential before hitting the water in California.

We hope this blog post has provided you with all the information you need about who needs one, how much it costs, and how to get it! If you have any questions about obtaining your own California fishing license please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here to help!

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