What is Dorado Fish?

The dorado fish, also known as the mahi-mahi or the dolphin fish, is an incredibly popular type of fish that is often served in restaurants and supermarkets. It’s a vibrant, eye-catching fish that has a delicious flavor profile and is an incredibly versatile ingredient.

Let’s take a closer look at the dorado fish and explore why it’s such a popular choice for fishermen, chefs, and diners alike.

Where Does the Dorado Fish Come From?

The dorado fish can be found in warm tropical waters around the world, including off the coasts of Mexico, Hawaii, Australia, and Japan. They’re usually caught in warm water from April to October by professional fishermen who make their living catching these beautiful creatures.

What Does Dorado Taste Like?

Dorados are highly prized for their sweet taste and firm texture. They have delicate white flesh that tastes great when cooked with simple seasonings like garlic or lemon juice.

This versatile fish can be grilled over high heat or used in ceviche to create a refreshing dish perfect for summer days. It can also be served with other robust flavors like chili peppers or tomatoes to create exciting dishes that will tantalize your taste buds!

How Can I Prepare Dorado Fish?

It’s easy to prepare dorados at home—simply defrost them overnight before marinating them with your favorite herbs and spices for about half an hour before cooking them on medium heat for about 15 minutes until cooked through.

You can also fry them in hot oil for about four minutes until golden brown before serving alongside salads or sides of your choice.


Dorado fish are not only beautiful to look at—they’re delicious too! With its sweet flavor and firm texture, it makes an excellent addition to any meal whether you’re looking for something light and refreshing or something more robust with bold flavors.

And since they can easily be prepared at home using simple ingredients like herbs, spices, lemon juice, or garlic—it makes sense why so many people opt for this type of fish when they want to whip up something special! So if you haven’t tried dorados yet—you should definitely give them a try!

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